Some other random stuff I did

  • I wrote a module for PHP-Nuke to add support for Google's Co-Op Custom Search. You can download the Web Search Module for PHP-Nuke. Google Co-op allows you to create a highly specialized Custom Search Engine that reflects your knowledge and interests. One of the interesting features are the ability to include it into your website and display the results as part of the website. That means that your visitors don't have to leave your website and are yet able to find what they are looking for. This module allows you to include Googles' new service into your PHP-Nuke website. The module comes with English, French and German translations.
  • Have you ever wondered what product companies are selling that advertise "1000 smilies for free" with flashy, distracting ads? I got annoyed by this, started using the junkbuster proxy and supplied some patches for it. The proxy filters ads, but newer versions are far more powerful, i.e. can aply arbitrary regular expressions on the webpages you view (filter popups, exploits, web-bugs ...) However, I'm not active in that project anymore and the most up-to-date version with many cool new features is called Privoxy. This Mozilla patch for Flash replaces flash objects with a button. To play the flash animation you click the button. If you don't like to use a proxy to filter, but something simpler, consider using this /etc/hosts file.
  • I submitted some security patches for eWrt Linux, a linux-distribution for the Linksys WRT54G wireless router.


  • Check out the Boulder Toastmaster Club "Speakeasy 2"
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